About Us

We work with people and technology to deliver change. At our core is an emphasis on making things better to deliver sustainable improvements.

Our journey started in 2010, when our founders established The Deciduous Partnership, a not-for-profit organisation delivering guidance to charities, public and private sector organisations: to promote environmental sustainability, to encourage them to take positive steps towards a more stable future, to adopt strategies to strengthen their operations against the increasingly real threat of climate change; to understand local and global impacts and what they could do to reduce, mitigate or adapt to the changing world. One of the first engagements was providing Climate Change Awareness Workshops to the local NHS partnership.

Some time later, in around September 2012, we started negotiations with an Italian firm. Prior to entering into an agreement, the firm required us to become a Limited company registered for VAT for legal and accounting reasons working across European borders. Not wanting to lose sight of the original intention , it was clear that another entity was needed, Deciduous Partners Ltd was formed in March 2013 as a commercial endeavour.

Since 2013, we have been involved in a number of projects for a wide range of clients. You can read more about these in our case studies area.

The Deciduous Partnership continues to provide a level of support on a pro bono or not-for-profit basis to charities and small organisations.