How we work

We are a people business, bringing teams and technology together to deliver business critical programmes and projects.

We do small, we do big. With the global growth of digital delivery we are accustomed to working with diverse and distributed teams. Like we said, we work with people and technology. So we are familiar with a growing number of collaboration tools and conferencing facilities. Like Taiga, Trello, Github, Google Hangouts, Skype,  WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom, PowWowNow to name a few.

Our growing team are enabled to work with clients in a variety of ways.

Remote. This is an increasingly popular way to work,  particularly with smaller companies who perhaps don’t have a permanent physical location, making use instead of the expanding realm of occasional, shared and temporary solutions available.

Full time on site. Wherever you need us most.. We recommend that you provide any necessary IT equipment and facilities where our staff can set up a base camp in your offices. This will often simplify onboarding and eases integration with your organisation, where face to face meetings form an essential part of keeping the momentum going.

Part time on site. Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t need the expense of full time aide, that’s fine with us, too.

Blended on and off site. There are many reasons this would work for you. It could be working across multiple locations, desk-space may only be available because of other part time staff,  or it may be impractical to provide additional desk-space without causing headaches in other parts of the business. There are often cost savings associated with this.

We operate across time zones. We’re not big enough yet for a full follow-the-sun service,  but we can come pretty close by adopting a watch system similar to those used in naval settings. Based in the UK,  we provide continuity and handover between Asia and the Americas.

Although our main language is English, we do have some skills in a few widely spoken European languages. Staff on international assignments are encouraged to gain some proficiency in the local tongue as well as cultural awareness and etiquette.